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Bitcoin & Beer


Date: Thursday, October 5th, 2023
Venue: Belgian Beer Bar
Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Cost: Free


  • No presentations, discussion over drinks about the latest Bitcoin news

Not sure where to buy Bitcoin?

HardBlock is an Adelaide-based Bitcoin exchange operating since 2014. Easy to use  set and forget DCA from your bank account to your cold storage wallet.

Amber is a a phone app which allows you to DCA into Bitcoin.
Bitaroo is a Brisbane based Bitcoin only Exchange offering low fees, and instant deposits. Additionally, they donate a portion of their fees to environmental causes.

FastBitcoins provides a safe, secure way for you to join the growing number of people using Bitcoin around the world.
Paybtc is a Brisbane based Bitcoin-only exchange operating since 2019, allowing instant buying and selling.

Using your SUPER to invest in Bitcoin


Many Australians are choosing to invest part of their SUPER in Bitcoin. HardBlock provided a good guide on using a SMSF to invest in Bitcoin. You can also listen to an audio version by the Australian Bitcoin Pod. It can be found in your podcast player or on youtube.

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News is a site for your Australian focused Bitcoin news. Bitcoin Magazine is a great site for a more global perspective.

Spend Your Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is money and money is meant to be spent. You can support fellow Bitcoiners by using Bitcoin in their businesses. SatsSpend is a directory of Bitcoin-accepting businesses around Australia.

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